Friday, February 1, 2013


In English this week, we were reading a story called ' Bring and Show' . It was about a class like ours having a Bring and Show day. Their teacher allowed them to bring in something interesting to show the class. 
We had our own Bring and Show day today. 
We had Spike the Guinea pig. 

Some favourite toys....

 Another animal.... Ella the dwarf hamster.

Lucky the very well trained dog also cane to the class.. He can sit, speak, lay down, and go on his head!

Another dwarf hamster came in too. Minnie, she is white and fluffy.

A really cool Flicker.. Teacher even had a go!

Some really cool lego was on display

A New York Taxi

 Some more cool lego!

A Belt for Judo!

A portable DVD player

More lego!

A Moshi Monster scooter

An Iron man built from lego

A cuddly toy

A very cool dance routine.

 Some splits and cartwheels

A few Irish dances...

A really cool- Fairy show book

We also found time to fit in some Lego building !!!

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