Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guzzler comes to visit!!!

We were very lucky to have two special visitors... Dolores and Guzzler :) 
Guzzler is a character we read about in a big book called Guzzler's Big Book on Energy. He wastes energy everywhere he goes!
Dolores is from Bridget's Garden, she knows alot about energy and came to tell us how we can use only the energy that we need. 
We did a really cool experiment too!! 
Dolores cut a hole in the lemon.. IT WAS REALLY Juicy ! She told us we were going to use the acid in the lemon to create energy. We needed two more lemons, 3 pieces of zinc, 3 pieces of copper , some wires with alligator clips on them ( they are called alligator clips because they look like an alligator opening it's mouth) and a little light bulb. 
We took turns to put in the copper and zinc pieces- one piece in each lemon and connected them with wires. The last two parts of the wires are connected to the bulb. If we do everything right , the bulb should light!

And Guess What ! We did and we got the reward of little flashing red light!

All in all , it was a good day!

To find more information on Saving Energy you can look on

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