Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Trip to the Junior Spider Awards

We woke up very early to go to Dublin.  The Helix was very big.  In the Helix we showed people our school website.  I had fun going around looking at other schools websites with Jeffrey.  I took part in a dance competition and I won!  I had a brilliant day. 
Ronan Bombara 2nd class.

It was very dark when we were on the bus.  We were very lucky to be able to go to Dublin.  We helped to mind some of the infants.  We had to have our lunch in The Helix.  We got lots of free goodies.        
I had lots of fun and would really like to go again. 
Keeli McCaul 2nd class.

On the way to Dublin there were hail stones.  When we got to The Helix there was a WII.  Me and Keeli played on the WII.  We had to show off our website.  We were interviewed and asked questions about our website.  It was a fun day, that was full of surprises!
Marina Paiva 2nd class.

On the way to Dublin I felt very tired.  When we got to The Helix I was very hungry.  I talked to people about our website.  I walked around looking at other websites.  There was lots of free stuff for us.  
We had our picture taken and it might be in the newspaper.  Jack Wise the magician was there.  I was very happy because our day out was even more fun then I thought it would be.
Jeffrey Lees 2nd class.

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